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Clinical Psychologist

Chanda Rankin, Ph.D., is a seasoned psychotherapist with 30+ years of clinical experience.

Dr. Rankin specializes in the performing arts and creative personality, working with artists and other individuals in the entertainment sphere. With an unusual combination of professional and personal experience in these areas, she is uniquely poised to understand the particular needs and challenges this population faces.

Dr. Rankin also specializes in the continuum of substance use and recovery. She works with individuals from experimentation through dependence and recovery, including individuals affected by someone else’s use in the past or present.

In addition to the above specialties, Dr. Rankin works with those seeking therapy for a range of issues including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, life transitions, unresolved family conflict, and emotional or psychological trauma/neglect, and partner betrayal trauma.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti


Creative Coaching
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